Presenting Tempest Film, an independent film production company founded in 2014, with offices both in Munich and Berlin. Helge Sasse is mostly to be found in our Munich offices whilst Solveig Fina is primarily in Berlin.

Helge Sasse


Solveig Fina


Helge Sasse was born in Cologne and today lives in Munich. Radio was his gateway into the world of media. He has successfully worked as a lawyer representing many artists, from the Fanta 4 to Michael Mittermeier. He was involved in the founding of the TV production company Me, Myself and Eye as well as VIVA Television, before becoming managing director of Senator Entertainment AG in 2006. Under his leadership the company produced films such as "The Reader", "The King´s Speech" and "Untouchable" for cinema screens. At the same time Sasse was involved in the production of a wide variety of films such as "Goethe!", "Mister Morgan´s Last Love", and "Beloved Sisters." In 2014 together with Solveig Fina he founded Tempest Film in order to dedicate himself more fully to individual film projects.

Solveig Fina, born in Hamburg, has lived in Santiago de Chile, Paris and now for many years in Berlin. After her studies she worked for 8 years in various positions at Senator Films, initially in film acquisition and later in the development and implementation of diverse film projects such as "A Most Wanted Man", "Mister Morgan´s Last Love" and "Beloved Sisters". Since 2014, together with Helge Sasse, she has supervised every Tempest Film Project, from the initial concepts to the delivery of the completed films.



Our mantra: The world is a vibrant and varied place and our productions reflect this. We have a passion for live action and documentary films, for animation, drama, children´s films and comedies. One principle guides our choice of material: It should both touch and entertain.